This new web page reflects the course of my broadening interest in contemporary India as a whole and in one of its major languages, Hindi.

In October 2012 I have finally felt able to begin to post a series of articles on the Hindi language based on my (determined) 4-year struggle to add Hindi to the list of languages that I can comprehend. I am now comprehending, but still quite slowly!

It is my hope that the series, Hindi Learning Hints, may be of some use to fellow foreign learners of Hindi, in particular to those for whom English is a native or major language. I hope that those who are further advanced in this process than myself, as well as any Hindi-speakers who may chance to see these articles, may be able to favour me with their corrections to my misunderstandings and errors, preferably at

The Hindi series begins with an Introduction, followed by the first topic:
The Hindi suffix vaalaa and its other forms: (वाला, वाली, वाले, वालो को).

1. Introduction to Hindi Learning Hints

2. Hindi Learning Hints. 1, The Versatile vaalaa Suffix

Hindi Learning Hints. 2. Selected Hindi Prefixes and Other Word Formation Elements

Hindi Learning Hints. 3. Suffixes

Hindi Learning Hints. 5. Postpositions