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***Announcing the availability of a new e-book: Insights into Spoken English (A Textbook for ESL Students and Translators). Two Samples are available for examination here (1),  and here (2).There is also a .pdf version of the first Sample here.The second Sample, of half of Chapter 4, is only available in full in .pdf format.

To purchase the e-book, please click on the (Paypal) Credit Card Button below and follow the instructions, amending the "Number of Copies" column to the number you require and removing any other listed e-books you do not require.

The rest of this quiet little alcove is the home of my other writing activities and interests. So, if you have peeped through the curtain, why not take a look around this little space?

On the page you will find a few whimsical little stories of daily life, some short (and dated) travel pieces, a more recent exercise in writing an op-ed piece about the stubborn arrogance of a powerful media corporation – both ephemeral cyber fish and chip paper and a recyclable theme, alas. Possibly of most general interest are one or two practical articles on French and Spanish pronunciation.


Basic Hindi Vocabulary for English-Speaking Learners

French Words in English

French Lessons in Australia

Spanish Pronunciation for the Media and Others

Which Type of Language Student are you?

Colloquial English Exercises (Sample)

The Maya of Language

Daily life


Travels with my ants




Unexpected Downfall of an Upright Man

Computer and Internet (See also http://briansteel.wordpress.com)

A Fond Farewell

Microsoft: the end of an Era (still to be written) Cyber bullies (still to be written …)

Media, Corporations, Politics & Current Affairs

New Hope for Disempowered Women under Authoritarian Régimes: The Spanish Experience (1960-2000)

NewYorkTimesgate: op-ed re New York Times digging its heels in


Snapshots of Russia

Go See Guadalajara, Mexico

Spain Yesterday and Today (in Spanish)

London: UK Visit 1985 [available soon]


Translation of a short story by Manuel de Pedrolo

On another site you will find a number of brief book reviews (on my shelf at Bookcrossing.com) along with profound gratitude to my Mother for starting me off on the path of reading, and to Public Libraries (and University Libraries) for subsidising part of a wonderfully enriching journey of discovery, pleasure and opportunity.

On a different site are some investigations into a contemporary example of charisma, unconditional faith, and myth-making.

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